Vegetables growing in the Garden

Produce for sale today

This week we have for sale; New potatoes £1.50/500g, Cabbage 50p, Peas £2.00/bag, Kohl Rabi 40p, Beetroot £2.50/kg, Lettuce 40p, Gooseberry's £2.00 punnet, Bedding plants £2.00/tray, plants please ask. Hanging tomato baskets £5.00, Tomato plants £2.50, Strawberry plants £3.00/tray.

Produce for sale this week

Get Healthy

Spring into action

The garden is a delightful place to achieve a great mind body workout. According to experts, gardening is compared to 'moderate cardiovascular exercise'. Gardening 30 to 45 minutes a day can burn 150 to 300 calories. This isn't just standing there watering the flowers, but weeding, digging, hoeing, raking and planting. And there's nothing like being at one with nature to help create a calming, relaxed state of mind while you let go of


Open Sunday

The CCOG team were delighted by the turn out of volunteers at our first ever Sunday open afternoon. New and old faces joined our working party and managed to clear all the lower beds, the strawberry rows and make a big difference with the weeds in the rhubarb patch. All this was done while the sun shone, although it wasn’t particularly warm, the physical work kept the cold wind at bay! The children enjoyed some…


Tai Chi Sessions

Take time out to learn a basic form of Tai Chi, beginning with six easy to follow movements as designed by Dr Paul Lam in his Tai Chi for health series. Tai chi and Qigong are two mind-body practices that originated in ancient China. Practiced widely in China for thousands of years, both have become popular in the West. People of almost any age or condition can participate in them. Many people who practice Tai…