Vegetables in autumn sun

Produce for sale

Please contact the garden directly if you would like to know what fruit and veg is available, or come up and visit the garden. Go to the contact page for more information.

Produce for sale this week

Get Healthy

Jobs for October

Jobs to be getting on with in October so get out and get healthy! Create a compost bin for collecting fallen leaves and dead plant material, then get raking collecting leaves up for making leaf mould. A great work out if you put your back into it! Sweep up debris and fallen leaves that harbour overwintering fungal spores and hiding places for slugs and snails. Imagine how nice and tidy your garden is going to…


Zero Waste Heroes

We are very happy and excited to announce our involvement in a great new project happening right here in South Kintyre. Zero Waste Heroes was launched by Inspiralba and partners including; Campbeltown Community Orchard and Garden, Kintyre Recycling, Shopper Aide and the South Kintyre Development Trust. The project is funded by Zero Waste Scotland to help reduce waste and maximise resources in South Kintyre.


Open Afternoon

Sunday 27th September from 1 pm - 3 pm will be our last Open Afternoon of the season and we are inviting you to a barbecue and to help us build a dome den from old bike wheels! In partnership with Kintyre Recycling who have very kindly been saving and storing the old bike wheels we are going to build an amazing structure. This will eventually be used not only as a den for the children visiting but also a climber for plants - it's…